Allocation Settings

Allocation Settings

Project Settings - Allocations

Allocations appear the same on ALL Input Dialog. What is set up on the Allocations Settings will appear in the drop-downs. You can also type an Allocation here, and it will be added to the Allocation Table.
Below is found on the Project Settings Dialog 

To Add Allocations 

Open Allocation Table and Click on ADD (see image below)

To Add / Enter Allocations into Table use the Input Dialog (see below)

Enter/Type your Allocation in the Text Box and Click Enter then Close

To Modify an Existing Allocation Entry
  1. To Modify Click on the Allocation Item you want to modify

  2. Once the Item is Highlighted - Click on the MODIFY button to open Input Dialog

  3. Make your Modifications then Click ENTER and CLOSE 

To Remove an Existing Allocation Description
  1. Click on the Allocation you want to remove to highlight

  2. Once item is highlighted click on the REMOVE button - A confirmation will appear

  3. Click Yes to Remove the Allocation

To Import Allocation List 
  1. User can Import a List of Allocation Descriptions from an Excel® spreadsheet. 

  2. User can create an Allocation Description List and/or Keep Updating a List and import this into the Program. 

  3. The Spreadsheet must meet the format requirements to import - To create a Blank Template (see export below) 

Export Allocation Descriptions | No Allocation Descriptions Listed then Export a Blank Template
  1. User can Export an Allocation Description List to Excel® - 

  2. User can ADD | MODIFY | REMOVE Allocation description to list and then import back into program without importing duplicates

  3. Need a Blank Template? Program will still export even if nothing is listed and creates a blank template for user.

Excel® Export Examples of Allocation Descriptions Listed and Blank Template 
  1. This is an actual copy of an export of Allocation Descriptions - User can ADD | MODIFY | REMOVE from this spreadsheet 

  2. User CANNOT modify the headers found on Line # 1 - This must remain in place as it is with NO CHANGES

  3. User can continue to ADD to this list and Import without importing duplication's.  

Excel® Export Blank Allocation Description List Template
  1. This is an Actual Export Blank Template

  2. User can Export a Blank Allocation Description Table and Program will create a Blank Template as shown

  3. User can ADD Allocation descriptions and then Import into program

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