Applying Password to Price Data File

Applying Password to Price Data File

This is the same process for T&M Pro and T&M Pro Prevailing Wage 
Step 1
  • The Admin Version is the only version that can Set or Reset a Password - Admin user will need to set passwords for all the bdata files they want to protect.
  • Open Program and Go to Project Data Files, then Click On Price Data File
  • Click On "IMPORT PRICE DATA FILE INTO PROGRAM (see image below)

Step 2
  • Now that the Price Data File Loaded into Program by the Import Function -
  • Go to the Top Menu and Click On User Accounts
  • Click on Set/Reset Password (see image below)
  • Enter the password and then re-type it to confirm
  • Click on "SET NEW" If you need to Reset a Password 
  • Import price data file into program and then come here
  • Click RESET then add a new password and Click SET NEW

Step 3
  1. Now that the Password is Set - You will need to Go Back to the Project Data Files - Price Data File
  2. Use the Export Function to Save the New Protected Price Data File (see image below).
  3. Once you have saved the Protected Price Data File it should be distributed to users and uploaded into the Create New Bill Dialog.
  4. User will Create New Bill with Protected File and will require the password to make any modifications.

Step 4: The instructions below start with the Admin Version - Setting a Password for a Master.tmproject file
  1. You must have the Protected Price Data File uploaded into program. The Follow Instructions below. 

  2. First You must Create a .tmproject file - this will be the same file you distribute to your users. 

  3. Once you have created the master.tmproject file (Example: Let's create a master .tmproject file for ClientABC)

  4. We do this using the Create New Bill function - the File Name should be similar to ClientABC-Master.tmproject

  5. Once we have this created, we then go to top menu and click on User Accounts then Click on Set/Password (See Image Below)

Step 5
  • This will open the Password Dialog - See Image Below
  • Enter the Password that you want to use and Re-Type to Confirm then Click on SET NEW - You will get a Message to Confirm Password was set successfully
  • To Reset a Password - Open the Bill File - and in the Dialog Click RESET then you can Create a New One following above steps

Step 6
Now that you have a password set - Save the Bill File - Remember this is the file you will send to the user - the user will open this file and then immediately re-save it with the correct project filename. This file will contain all the data files needed to create a bill for this project and/or client. The file will be protected and require a password before any changes can be made to the price data items.
  • From the Admin and User Program - Unlocking the Protection for Price Data Item Functions
  • User will open the Project Data Files then click on Price Data File to open the dialog - see image below
  • To Unlock the Protection - User must enter Password then Click Unlock - Then Close Dialog and Reopen to Enable All Functions
  • All Users will have a default password to open a Bill File that user created. If bill file was created by another user or Admin User then you must contact them to get the password. Or you can send you bill file to them so they can add or modify the price item(s).   

  1. Now if you grant permission to a user and allow them to have the password - be sure to go back to the original Master File and Reset the Password with a New One.  
  2. If you do not want to grant permission to the user and they need to modify or add to price list for this bill.  
  3. User will need to send the bill file to the person with the ADMIN version so they can add or modify the price item for the user.
  4. Then once complete they can send this back to the user. The file will still be protected.

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