Before You Uninstall Your Program

Before You Uninstall Your Program

  1. Open your program - then open the "Create New Bill" Dialog
  2. Click on "EXPORT" button (see image below) and you will need to create a folder - It is VERY IMPORTANT that you name this folder - tmplusfiles and then click OK
  3. Remember to create the new folder first then follow instructions below -  Create the folder on your desktop and name it tmplusfiles (see image below)

This is where you will save the folder and files that the program will export (See instructions below)

Go and open the folder to confirm you have (3) folders as shown below and they all contain your files.
  1. When you install your new program, you will then go back to "Create New Bill" dialog and this time click on "IMPORT" and import the entire tmplusfiles folder. This will import all your data files back into the program.
  2. Even if you do not want all the data files - you can still import then delete the ones you do not want. Or you can use the BROWSE for Each in Step 1A - You would go to each individual folder to find the data files.
  3. If you have any questions about this function, contact Technical Support by creating a support ticket at

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