Billing Administration

Billing Administration

Billing Administration

This is the first screen that appears when you click on "OPEN INPUT PAGES"

To Start - Go to Create New Bill

  1. Open Input Pages - Each Billable Category is Located Under Each Tab located at the top of the page (see image below)

Start with Admin Screen (see image below)
  • Information on the Billing Administration Dialog is used on the Invoice | Bill Pages and Other Reports

SET UP BILLING COVER SHEETS - Found on the Billing Administration Page (see image below)


  • This is designed to allow user to upload up to (2) logos one for the right and left side of the top of the page 

  • Be sure to use the correct size logo and correct format (size 285px x 70px) Format must be a .bmp (bitmap)

  • Enter your Company Slogan (Optional)

  • Modify the Cover sheet Titles (Optional)

  • Once you are complete Click ENTER to create the Billing Cover sheets - These will print with the Bill.

SET UP OFF-SITE LOGISTICAL SUPPORT FEE - Found on the Billing Administration Page (see image below)

Off-Site Logistical Support (Mobilization) Fee 

  • This is designed to allow user to bill Mobilization Fee for their out of town projects 

  • Do not mistake this as a way to bill mobilization of equipment, labor, etc...   

  • This is designed to cover overhead of the offices that are supporting offsite crews, logistics, etc.. that you are not billing for. 

  • First, Set the Percentage amount for Off-Site Logistical Support on the Project Settings Dialog 

  • To Bill - Make sure the Percentage is Set on Project Settings and the box on Admin page is checked for "Yes" (see image below)

Not To Exceed Value - Found on the Billing Administration Page (see image below)

Not To Exceed Value 

  • User can Enter the Not To Exceed Value for the Project - Enter the NTE and then click ENTER on the Admin Page 

  • Once the project reaches 85% of this value the NTE value turns red (see image below) 

  • Once the bill exceeds the NTE then a pop-up warning will appear (see image below) 

  • The Popup Warning can be disabled once it occurs (see image below) 

When bill reaches 85% of the NTE value the Not To Exceed Value on the Main Interface turns RED (see image below) 

Popup Warning once Bill Total Exceeds the Not To Exceed Value 

Stop the Popup Warning 
  1. This will suspend the popup warning - If you do not, it will appear after every input now that bill exceeded the NTE 

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