Changing a Price File in an existing bill

Changing a Price File in an Existing Bill

Changing a Price File in an Existing Bill
Changing a price data file in an existing bill can be done with ease with T&M Pro. However, if you have already started data input, you should keep in mind that your existing data is based on the Labor Classes and for Materials, Equipment and Specialty Items, the existing input is based off of Item Descriptions and ID #'s. What does this mean? If you replace a price file and the Labor Classes,  ID #'s and Item Descriptions are different then you will have a conflict with your bill. These must match and it is OK to have different pricing for these items but all the other data must match or it will not display correctly in T&M Pro.
To Change a Price File in an Existing Bill - See image below
  1. Click to open Project Data Files 
  2. Click on Price Data File to open Price Data Dialog
  4. Once you have Imported the Price Data File - Click on Recalculate Bill

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