Create User Accounts

Create User Accounts

User Roles - Create User Account 
  1. Click on Top Menu Item - User Accounts 

  2. Then Click on Log In Administrator

  3. Then Click on Create / Modify Users 

  4. Fill out the CREATE USER LOG IN AND USER ROLES dialog (see image below)

  5. Important: Select User Role -  you have two choices to select from

  6. Admin - User has full access to all functions and features (recommended)

  7. User - Restricts user from several functions (Project Settings, Price Data) (recommended if you hire temp data input labor)

  8. Once Form is complete click ENTER and CLOSE 

User Roles - Create User Account Completed 

Now that user account is set up you will need to set up the password 
  1. Close the program completely

  2. Open Program 

  3. Sign in with LOGIN ID only that you created (see image above Login ID)  

User Roles - Set / Reset Password
  1. Once Logged In - Click on the User Accounts Menu Located at Top of Page

  2. Then Click on Set / Reset Password

  3. Enter your Password (2) times to confirm the click ENTER

  4. Next time you log in - You will need USER ID and PASSWORD

Note: When we do a major upgrade or you reinstall the program you will need to recreate user accounts

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