Labor Input - Add

Labor Input - Add

Labor and Associated Fees 

Be sure to learn more about how to enter multiple labors with one input - Include Multiple Labor Inputs in Knowledge Base

  • To Open Labor and Associated Fee Input Page - Click on Tab located on the top of the page "Labor and Associated Fees" - See image below

  • Once you have several labor inputs - to navigate from input page to input page - Click on Buttons (First Page, Previous Page, Next Page, Last Page) - See image below

  • To View Entire Input Page - Use the Scroll Bars Located on the Side and Bottom of Input Page

To Enter Labor - Click ADD to open Labor Input Dialog (see image below)

Labor Input Dialog

Labor Dialog Components 
  1. Enter Name - Enter the Labor Name - Once Entered, the Program will Save it in the drop down 

  2. Labor Class - You MUST manually choose/select the Labor Class from the drop down the first time for EACH Labor you Input or Change Labor Class 

  3. Work Description - This should be used as a support to Labor Class Billed ONLY.  Work Descriptions can be entered directly here or from Project Settings and will be saved in the drop down. 

  4. Labor ID - You can assign a Labor ID for reporting or tracking purpose (Optional) 

  5. Sort Value - You can assign Sort Values for each labor class. This will allow you to sort labor in the labor class order you want.  Set Sort Values on  Labor Price Data

  6. Labor Ratio's - Program recognizes every labor as a labor - You MUST identify the Managers by checking the box or to not count someone check Exclude  

  7. Phase Codes  -  Choose the correct Phase Code - The phase codes are set up on the Project Settings 

  8. Associated Labor Fee - These Fees are set up on the Project Setting Dialog - Default Rates and Markups. To Bill Associated Labor Fees - Check the Box next to the item
    1. Lodging (Allowance) this is set up on the price data file under Labor - See Labor Price Data
    2. **Lodging - if you are billing Hotels for this input then the Lodging will be disabled as it shows in image below
    3. Need to Modify Per Diem Rate for this input only - Un-check the box next to Per Diem Rate - Enter New Rate in Box
  9. Assigned Vehicles - The drop down is populated from the Vehicles set up on the Project Settings - Vehicles and Mileage Set up
    1. Enter Mileage - If billing Mileage Enter it Here - The Rate Per Mile is set up on the Project Settings - Vehicles and Mileage Set up 
    2. Vehicle # - Enter Here - This is optional and not required
  10. Select Labor Provider For Cost - If you are using the Project Cost Function - Then you set up labor company on the project settings - Project Cost Setup
    1. The Labor Company Names you enter in the project cost dialog will appear in this drop down.
  11. Date Worked - Enter the Date for this input - Should match the Crew Sheets
  12. Time In | Time Out | Lunch - Enter Time as shown on Crew Sheets
  13. Lunch Start | Lunch End - Only time you are required to use these is if you have AFTER HOURS PR RULES set on Prem Rate Settings - See Prem Rate Rules and Settings
  14. Total Hours Billed - If you use Time In | Time Out | Lunch - Program will auto-fill this - If you do not use these then Enter Total Time less lunch
  15. Hotel Information - If billing Hotels choose hotel from drop down.  See Hotel Set up
  16. Choose Daily Rate - when you set up hotels you have an option to enter up to 3 daily rates - choose the rate to bill here
  17. Daily Rate Factor - 100% = One Per Room | 50% = Two Per Room (remember this is tool only for billing hotels before they can be reconciled)
  18. Bill Reg Hours Only - Check the box to override all PT Rules - This will bill this input at REGULAR HOURS ONLY
  19. Bill as Holiday - Check box to bill this input at the HOLIDAY RATE - see Holiday Factor Setup
  20. Bill as Travel - Check box to bill this input for TRAVEL RATE - see Travel Rate Setup
  21. Apply Special OT Rule - This must be enabled on the Project Settings or this will be grayed out.  See Special OT Rule
  22. Tax Values MUST be set up on the Project Settings - see Tax Setup
    1. Input Item is Taxable - Check box to bill Tax (Even if this box is checked it will not bill a Tax if no values were entered in the Tax Setup
    2. Input Item is NOT Taxable  - Do Not Check the Box
  23. Overtime Overrides for Current Input Only
    1. Regular Hours Override - If you are billing on the 8 Hour PR Rule - You can override the 8 Hour Rule
    2. OT Factor Override - You can change the PR Factor from Default to another value
    3. Specific Overtime Settings - You can specify PR Rule from a start time to an end time
  24. Applying After Hours - Specific Time ONLY
    1. To Bill After Hours for a Specific Time ONLY- Check the Box "Apply After Hours"
    2. Remember to Enable This Feature on the Overtime Settings for After Hours Apply After Hours PR Rule for a Specific Time Only
    3. Apply during Labor Input Check "Apply After Hours"
  25. Allocations
    1. Allocations - there are two options to entering Allocations -
    2. Set up Allocation on the Project Settings Dialog - see Allocations in Knowledge Base to Learn More
    3. Enter Directly from the Input Dialog - If you do this it will be saved in drop down and on Allocation Setup Table
  26. Labor Input Optional Notes 
    1. Enter Labor Notes in the Labor Note Combo Box as shown below. The notes entered here will print with the bill.  It will print on the Labor Notes Page.
    2. **You do not have to enter notes on every input. The Labor Notes Bill Page will only print the Labor items that have notes. If no notes are present the Labor Notes Bill Page will not Print
  27. Input Notes - Does "NOT" print with bill - If you want Notes added to labor input See Optional Labor Notes above (These Print with Bill) 
    1. To Open Input Notepad - Click on the Button ADD NOTE 
    2. Input Notes DO NOT print with bill - they are designed for internal use
    3. To Print a Note use toolbar located on the Bottom of Notepad  
  28. Input Notepad
    1. Once a Note is Entered for a Input - The Item on the Input Page will highlight Gray to indicate a NOTE exist
    2. Notes are Stamped with Date and Name - Name is the same that you logged in with.
    3. To Modify or Read an Existing Note - Click On Labor Item and Click Modify then Click on Edit Note on Dialog
Important Note: Time Entry Format should always look like the image below. Use a period (.) not a colon (:). Enter Hours and Minutes as shown below

When a Note Exist - Item is highlighted in Gray

To View Note or Add to Existing Note
  1. Click on Item to Highlight - then Click Modify - Click Edit Note

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