Prevailing Wage and T&M Billing

Prevailing Wage and T&M Billing

Prevailing Wage and T&M Billing
Billing T&M Projects that required Regular and/or Prevailing Wage?

We offer a Prevailing Wage Module with T&M Pro - Prevailing Wage. This program is set up to allow user to bill Non-Prevailing and Prevailing Wage.  Please contact us to learn more about how to subscribe and/or trade up to the new program. 

This version offers the Same Functions as T&M Pro so you can use it for Regular T&M Project and T&M Projects that require Prevailing Wage.  This gives you the best of both scenarios. 

To Learn More about setting up your T&M Pro Prevailing Wage Labor Price Rate and the New Benefits Page Click on the Link below 

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