Project Settings - Project Cost Setup

Project Settings - Project Cost Setup

Project Cost Set Up  - Showing Two Options for Materials | Equipment | Specialty Items

Project Cost can be set up with cost and percentages. The Best way is to Export Price List to Excel and then Import it back into the program to convert to the .bdata file.

Setting up the Price List to Include Cost for the following: 

  • Materials
  • Equipment
  • Specialty Items

Example of Price List with Cost Applied: Apply the actual cost in the cost columns on the Excel Spreadsheet as Shown Below

Materials Cost

Equipment Cost

Specialty Items Cost  (Tarps)

  1. You can Also Use the Percentage Function instead of the Actual Cost as shown above
  2. Open the Cost Set Up Dialog - See image below
  3. Enter the Percent for Materials, Equipment and Specialty Items - See Example Below
  4. When you us this method, it calculates the cost based on the percentages you entered here
  5. You can also enter your cost for Labor Management (if applicable) and the cost of Diesel Fuel. These are NOT a percentage.

Labor Cost Setup - This is done on the Project Settings - See Below

Labor Cost is defined per Labor Class - This will calculate cost against the labor class being billed. It is never a good idea to put an employees real cost down as it can be viewed by others.  So the rule of entering labor cost is by an overall average.  The purpose of the cost module to give a project manager a tool to manage a projects cost since most accounting systems are several weeks behind a project.

To Set Up Labor Cost

  1. Open the Labor Company Cost Set Up - See Image Below
  2. Click ADD on the Cost (LABOR) Dialog
  3. Enter the Company or Abbreviated Company Name the Labor Works for
  4. Choose Labor Class
  5. Fill out the Information for Regular Rate and OT Rate Factor you are paying
  6. You have to do this for Every Labor Class and Every Company you will be scheduling Labor for working on the Project
  7. Each Time you Enter a Labor it will Post in the Cost Table as shown below
  8. We always recommend you select OT Rule as Billed - As this will follow the same OT Rule you are using in the bill

  1. Once you have all Labor Classes Completed (You can just do the labor classes you will be using in the bill) 
  2. You will need to pick the labor company for each labor input and it will post the cost to the Project Cost Manager.

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