Subcontractor / Vendor - Add

Subcontractor / Vendor - Add

Subcontractor / Vendors - Add
  1. To Open Subcontractor / Vendor Input Page - Click on Tab - (see image below)

To Enter an Input 
  1. Click ADD to open Input Dialog (see image below) 

  2. Once you have several Subcontractor/Vendor inputs - to navigate from input page to input page - Click on Buttons (First Page, Previous Page, Next Page, Last Page)

  3. To View Input Page that is hidden - Use the Scroll Bars

Subcontractor / Vendor Input Dialog 

Subcontractor / Vendor Dialog Components 
  1. Sub Contractor / Vendor - Enter the Name - Once Entered the Program will Save it in the drop down 

  2. Work / Item Description - We highly recommend that you ENTER - See Attached - This will let anyone know the vendors invoice / receipt is attached 

  3. Date - Enter the date shown on the Receipt or Invoice 

  4. Invoice / Receipt #  - Enter the Actual Invoice and / or Receipt Number 

  5. Invoice / Receipt Total- Enter the Actual Invoice and / or Receipt Total  
  6. Phase Code - Select the Phase Code
  7. Mark-Up Type - 
    1. Select Mark Up Type  - The Default Markup is the markup you set for Subcontractor / Vendors on the Project Settings - see Default Mark Ups
    2. Multiple Mark Up Options - If you created additional Subcontractor / Vendor Mark ups they will be available in the drop down - see Multiple Markup Setup  
  8. Sales Tax 
    1. Tax Values MUST be set up on the Project Settings - see Tax Setup
    2. Input Item is Taxable - Check box to bill Tax (Even if this box is checked it will not bill a Tax if no values were entered in the Tax Setup
    3. Input Item is NOT Taxable  - Do Not Check the Box
  9. Allocations - 
    1. Allocations - there are two options to entering Allocations -
    2. Set up Allocation on the Project Settings Dialog - see Allocations Setup
    3. Enter Directly from the Input Dialog - If you do this it will be saved in drop down and on Allocation Setup Table
    4. To Learn More about Allocations - Go to Allocation Examples
  10. Input Notes - 
    1. To Open Input Notepad - Click on the Button ADD NOTE (see image below)
    2. Input Notes DO NOT print with bill - they are designed for internal use
    3. To Print a Note use toolbar located on the Bottom of Notepad see Notepad Print 

Input Notepad 
  1. Once a Note is Entered for an Input - The Item on the Input Page will highlight Gray to indicate a NOTE exist

  2. Notes are Stamped with Date and Name - Name is the same that you logged in with.

  3. To Modify or Read an Existing Note - Click On Labor Item and Click Modify then Click on Edit Note on Dialog

When a Note Exist - Item is highlighted in Gray

To View Note or Add to Existing Note
  1. Click on Item to Highlight - then Click Modify - Click Edit Note

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