Trouble Shooting Issues

Trouble Shooting Issues

Trouble Shooting Issues

Issue: My Logo is Overlapping the Address on the Invoice?

Solution: This is a sign that your logo size is too large.

Issue: I uploaded my logo file but it is only showing on the Invoice and Bill Pages. It does not appear on the Cover sheets?

Solution: You will need to upload the logo for the cover sheets

Issue: I installed the program on another computer and when I attempted to activate I get a message that says the product key is already in use?

Solution: Our product keys can only be used on one computer. If you want to transfer to another computer, you must put in a request by support ticket since we will need to deactivate it and revoke the current machine that it is installed on. To safeguard your transfer activation, you will need to uninstall from old computer to keep our system from shutting down the new install without notice to you. You are allowed (2) free transfers per subscription period and will be required to pay a transfer fee for additional transfers.

Issue: I have a bill that I need to change the price on some Equipment Items. How would I do this in T&M Pro?

Solution: Go to the left menu bar and click on Project Data Files to expand then click on Price Data File. Once the Price Data File is open click on the Equipment and Tools tab. Locate the item you need to change the price and then click MODIFY button. Make the change and click ENTER and remember to click on the Save and Close button when all changes have been made. This would be the same process for all price items.

Issue: Can I use any Excel® spreadsheet to create my price list?

Solution: No, you must use our template and this is available for download - find the link in the Help Section from the program or in this Knowledge Base for Price Data. 

Issue: It appears that the Premium Time is not correct? For some reason it is billing PT for all my labors that worked second shift?

Solution:  You must have After Hours enabled on the Premium Time settings. Go to the Premium Time and Holiday Settings and make sure the box to Enable After Hours is not checked. See image below

Issue: My program will not update and I get a error message or Red X?

Solution:  You will need to request a new installer link. Create a support ticket from this support portal. If you have missed previous updates then you may find that you will be required to reinstall the most current version.

Issue: When I attempt to Enter an item in my bill I get an exception error.

Solution:  This is due to a bad data file - You should check your price data file to make sure there are no empty lines below the last ID # on each of the billing categories. If you have empty lines you will need to export the price list to Excel using the Export function. Go to the line directly below the last ID# and high light about 20 lines and delete them. Do this for all categories and once you are complete save the file and then go back to the program with no bill files open and use the Import function to covert it back to a bdata file.  Then delete the old file in the create new bill dialog and upload the new price data file.  If you already have a bill you can open the bill file then import the new price list back into the bill using the import function found on the Price Data Dialog. Once you have done this be sure to click Recalculate Now and Save the Bill File. If this does not work you will need to create a new bill and start your data input over or use the Export Bill to Excel then Import Bill from Excel into the New Bill file. 

Issue: Your Bill is Displaying NaN? Also known as Not a Number. See below the root cause of this.  

Solution: This is more common in the Labor Associated Fees. It is caused by entering a labor and charging for Labor Associated Fees.

NaN or Not a Number is caused by entering a labor input with No Hours. If you are wanting to charge for Associated Labor Fees such as Per Diem | Lodging | Hotel for a labor on a day they did not work you will need to set up a labor class for this. We suggest you set up Labor Fees Only (LBRFEE) with an hourly rate of $0.00. Use this to charge only Associated Labor Fees and Be sure to Put at least 8 hours in the Labor Input. 

Issue:  When I print a bill it is overlapping on the printed pages.

Solution: Print outside margins or overlapping

Go to the program icon located on the desktop and hover the mouse then right click the mouse and then click on Properties then click on Compatibility and check the box Disable display scaling on high DPI settings as shown below then click Apply and you will need to check your text size setting on the Display Settings - See Image Below that covers both solutions.

Issue: How do I print/save as a PDF file ?

Solution: Printing to PDF - Please make sure you have a virtual PDF print driver installed on your computer - This will show up on the Printer Dialog when you go to print. 

These are available for free if you search PDF programs - (Example from one user is the free program "doPDF" and there are several more if you search and do your own research for a program that works for you)

Issue:  I changed the PT Factors from 1.500 to 1.390 and 2.000 to 1.750 but it still calculating based on the original defaults

Solution:  See image below for correct process for Modifying the Default PT Factors

Issue: I need to create a CREDIT as a Line Item (This is Directions for ALL INPUT ITEMS)

Solution:  To create a CREDIT as a Line Item - You have two choices to accomplish this with the program. 

(1)- You can Enter QTY's as a Negative Value - This will calculate as a negative $ Value on the Bill Page

(2)- You can create an Item on the Price Data List - The Unit Price can be a Negative Value

Issue: I have some Labors that worked third shift (11pm to 8am and a 30 min lunch) - How should I enter this for Time In and Time Out?

Solution: You should enter this as ONE input by entering Time In - 23.00 - Time Out 8.00 - Lunch 0.30 

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